POST-COAL MINE SITE TAX CREDIT – Senator Ron Stollings authored legislation that established a substantial tax credit for industry to locate on former reclaimed mine sites in West Virginia. People in the 7th Senate district already see the benefits! The announcement of a solar energy power plant on top of the former Hobet Mine and the announcement of other satellite projects are just a few examples of how this tax credit will spur more economic development.

SUN PARK – Senator Stollings’ ability to acquire important infrastructure was instrumental in creating Sun Park. SEVA West Virginia is building a $325 million solar power site there that will create hundreds of local jobs and generate over $100 million in tax revenues for our region of the coal fields.

TOURISM BENEFITS – A connector to the Hatfield and McCoy’s trails is in the works as well. Chalets, restaurants, and other accommodations will cater to riders on the trails. The U.S. 119 interchange is already underway to bring access to the new industrial site and tourist destinations. Logan, Boone, Lincoln, and Kanawha Counties will all benefit immensely from the vision of Senator Ron Stollings to foster the development of the Hobet industrial site, bring about necessary infrastructure for its development and by writing the law to establish important tax credits for post-mine land use.

Economic Development

  • worked on the Tax Incremental Financing legislation that has helped create billions of dollars in economic development across West Virginia.
  • worked on the State Economic Development Bond legislation that created development projects across the state like Highlands Development in Wheeling.
  • secured millions of dollars for county and city projects.

Emergency Services, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Officers

  • worked to secure equipment, improve benefits and funding for our dedicated Emergency Services, Firefighters and Law Enforcement personnel and their families.
  • $10,000 Trooper Pay Raise

HEALTHCARE - Introduced legislation to cap the monthly price of insulin at $35. Worked to help keep rural hospitals open so everyone has access to quality health care.

DENTAL CARE - Led the effort to expand dental care for adult Medicaid members to $1,000 per year.

DRUG PRICES -Led the passage of legislation that will require more transparency of drug prices.

ADDICTION CARE - helped to craft legislation to address opioid abuse while ensuring individuals living with chronic pain due to injuries or cancer patients have access to pain medication.

Support comprehensive substance use disorder and treatment and recovery.

FOSTER CARE - Supported increased funding for foster care families and kinship care.

BROADBAND - Championed expansion of essential broadband services.

COAL SEVERANCE TAX - Led the effort to dedicate more coal severance tax back to the county where the coal was mined to invest in infrastructure.

INFLATION:  Introduced legislation to help reduce inflation by pausing the gas tax, providing a rebate to taxpayers.

Tax Cuts

Worked to responsibly eliminate more than $500 million dollars in taxes off the backs of hardworking West Virginians and businesses:

  • Food tax-$174 million
  • Business Franchise/Corporate Net-$250 million
  • Thermal Coal-$70 million
  • Social Security tax-$10 million


  • successfully secured millions of dollars for new pavement, chip and seal roads, road repairs, and bridges in southern WV.
  • worked with the WV Division of Highways Administrators to implement a fair distribution of highway dollars to the WV Highway Districts.
  • was successful in working to direct new equipment back to southern WV.

Rainy Day Fund

  • worked to build a successful Rainy Day fund of more than $1 billion dollars providing West Virginia with one of the best bond ratings in the country.


  • multiple-year teacher and school service personnel pay increases.
  • worked to address funding needed for the $5 billion deficit of the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) program.
  • used $911 million of the tobacco settlement money to sure up the Teachers Retirement System and saved taxpayers over $2.5 billion of future payments.
  • worked to reinstate the tax modification exemption for retirees that lost a portion of their pensions by extending the income tax exemption for retirees receiving pensions from certain defined pension plans.
  • secured millions of dollars for new schools and school renovation projects.
  • championed the P-20 program to help high students prepare for


  • committed to our seniors securing millions for senior citizen’s facilities for in-home service care, nutrition programs, transportation, and other support programs.
  • passed Grandparents' visitation rights.
  • passed the “Enacting Accountable Pharmaceutical Transparency, Oversight and Reporting Act.


  • worked to secure funding for transportation and drivers to veterans hospitals.
  • Passed legislation to build a new skilled nursing facility for Veterans in southern WV.
  • worked to grow agricultural-type programs such as beekeeping which has proven to be helpful with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • provided High School diplomas for surviving veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam Conflict